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   Reciprocating Coders

RNC Coders, for Intermittent-Motion Applications, produce sharp, fast-drying marks on products and   packaging film. 
These coders print from one to three lines of small-character text directly on your product with a wide selection of ink types and colors. Mark on a variety of surfaces including boxes, bags, jars, cans, labels, blister packs, and small plastic or metal parts
We offer four types of RCN Coders: Basic, Electric, All-Air and a combination Electric/Air. These coders work well with intermittent-motion conveyors or off-line semi-automatic operations, marking up to 80 products per minute. Use neoprene DiLok type and ink cartridges with quick-drying inks. Call us for the appropiate RCN coder, accessories and ink for your application.

The Basic RCN/1S and RCN/2S

The RCN basic unit has no triggering controls and uses the four-way valve and timing device of your existing equipment. This eliminates the need for duplicate controls. Easy to install, the RCN provides four holes for stable mounting to the parent equipment. On-line operation is simple and reliable. When the unit is triggered, compressed air moves the shaft up so the type contacts and rotates the ink cartridge, and then moves the shaft and freshly inked type down to mark the product surface.

RCN Coder and Accessories

All-Air RCN/1AC and RCN/2AC

These all-air powered systems include a product detector switch and self-cycling air logic. For a consistant, high quality mark, a dwell adjustment knob controls the time the printhead stays in contact with the product surface. The all-air system is popular for heavy products or applications where electricity is not readily available or not desired. It is the best choice when environmental conditions, such as explosion-proof and wash-down areas do not allow electricity.

Electric/Air RCN/1E and RCN/2E

This model uses a 115VAC electrical impulse to control air flow and complete the printing cycle. You can trigger the unit with a simple cam-operated micro-switch or use the detection timing circuit found in most packaging equipment such as cappers, labelers, bag makers and form-and-fill systems.



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RNC Coders produce sharp, fast-drying marks on both porous and non-porous surfaces.

Electric Auto-Cycle RCN/1EC and RCN/2EC

These complete systems use a detection switch to activate the solenoid valve allowing air flow to the coder. For optimum mark legibility, the time delay logic control can be adjusted from 0 to 1 second to set the time the type holder is in the extended position before reversing the air flow to allow the type holder to retract and complete the cycle.


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