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  Roll Coder Inks and Cartridges

Roll Coder Inks  

These inks are for use with DiDark, XLM, and foam Ink cartridges. Our inks for non-porous surfaces offer a range of drying times. Specialty inks and custom ink colors are available. Call for more information

Ink Cartridges
(For SL/C, SL/QC & Mini Coders)

DiDark Cartridges

Economical, convenient, disposable. For porous surfaces. Available uninked or pre-inked. Recommended for dye type ink only.


XLM Cartridges

The premium cartridge---extra long-lasting and re-inkable. Most effective on porous surfaces. Available uninked or pre-inked.


Micro-X Cartridges

Ideal for continuous web applications on porous surfaces. Not re-inkable.



Foam Cartridges

Recommended for use with non-porous inks including pigmented. Available uninked only. Call for appropriate foam cartridge applications.


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